Disciples wanted to attend ‘Last Supper’

Published: Tuesday February 25, 2020

Disciples are wanted to join a Good Friday Pageant from Caudle Green to Syde.

The Revd Val Thorne says that they need 12 people to play Jesus’ disciples.

They will dress up, eat roast lamb at the last supper and fall asleep on the grass in the Garden of Gethsemane.

If you live in the area of Brimpsfield with Birdlip, Daglingworth, the Duntisbournes, Edgeworth, Miserden, Syde and Winstone and would like to take part, get in touch with moc.t1716308874enret1716308874nitb@1716308874lav.v1716308874er1716308874" class="broken_link">Val or moc.l1716308874iamg@1716308874nedwo1716308874bwerd1716308874nar1716308874" class="broken_link">Canon Andrew Bowden.

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