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Published: Monday February 12, 2018

15 year old Olivia Burton got in touch with us about the liedentity campaign with this message and poem.

Olivia Burton

“Girls are physically and mentally affected by society’s push for them to look a certain way. It makes them want to change their appearance,  causing illnesses in many young people. I believe confidence in girls is very rare because of Instagram and the ‘perfect body’ that is portrayed.

“I think to prevent girls from changing their bodies, we need to start promoting more different shaped figures as acceptable on social media. 2018 could be the year to promote that being unique and different is good!

“I wrote this poem after thinking about all of this and then sent it into the #liedentity campaign. I think the message that who you are, is more than how you look, needs to be spread as far as possible.”

Just a girl

Does it matter to you if she is
a different colour?
she is still a girl.

Should you care that she may be
obese or skinny?
she’s still a girl.

Do you know what happens behind closed doors?
Why can’t she be like others?
but she is still a girl.

Why is she bullied for not being
perfect? and the girl everybody wants her to be
she’s still the same girl.

Her pictures on social media
make her different to others
she’s still a girl.

The marks on her arm are judged by others
but the wounds run deep
she is still have damaged girl

She’s judged by them
does she always have to follow other people’s
she is still that girl.

Do you realise the impact of your hatred?
can you see more wounds developing
that girl is no longer
just a girl…

by Olivia Burton, age 15.


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