Keeping prayer at the heart of the Diocese

Published: Tuesday August 29, 2017

Keeping prayer at the heart of the Diocese: Spotlight on the Revd Liz Palin, Diocesan Spirituality Advisor

Liz PalinThe Revd Liz Palin is a vicar in the North Cheltenham Team Ministry, but she has also recently taken on a voluntary role as Diocesan Spirituality Advisor. Working closely with Julie Fay, the Diocesan Spirituality and Worship Officer, it’s Liz’s job help keep prayer and deepening our relationship with God central in the life and work of this diocese. Liz’s brief means that she goes to local, regional and national meetings about spirituality and shares what she has learned with Bishop Rachel as well as promoting what’s happening. She is available to go out to deaneries and parishes to encourage and share ideas and initiatives.

Liz said: “There’s a lot of secular interest at the moment in spirituality. People say “I’m spiritual, but I’m not religious”. As Christians, it’s time that we claimed the word spiritual back. Christian teachings on the our spiritual life go back millennia – St Ignatius could even be described as an advocate of ‘mindfulness’.

Rudford Retreats, popular monthly quiet days held in the village of Rudford, help people to find some peace and silence in their busy lives. The Spirituality Network For Gloucestershire puts on a range of events including the two year course on spirituality. Prayer Spaces in schools take spirituality into the classroom so that children can connect with God in new ways. The Bishop’s Worship, Prayer and Spirituality Group is also building on the work of the Try Praying initiative and thinking about the benefits of new monasticism.  If you would like to find someone to accompany you on your spiritual journey, Liz can put you in touch with the co-ordinator of spiritual directors for this diocese.

Contact Liz on 01242 575547 or  ku.gr1716307591o.tle1716307591hchtr1716307591on@ni1716307591lap.z1716307591il1716307591

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  1. Are you offering any online retreat or quiet days at this time? I would be interested to find out more

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