Inspired by nature: environmental projects at Elkstone

Published: Thursday July 27, 2017

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Bug hotels, wild areas, tree felling and a smorgasbord of eco-loos. As we approach Creationtide, we ask what ‘Care for Creation’ might look like.

From quick wins to the various ways to build an eco-loo, we spoke to Diocesan Environmental Officer, the Revd Arthur Champion, and a few of the green members of ‘Team Elkstone’ – to learn about some of their inspiring projects.

Watch the short video below;

Often a problem for rural and older urban churches, the lack of toilet facilities can be quite limiting factor. About the eco loo now in place at Elkstone, Revd Arthur said, “It’ll make the church accessible, and people who would otherwise be isolated can come and join in”. The system uses a Finnish design, which is an aerobic system using bark – one of the great advantages being no archaeological dig for foundations, tanks, or planning for ‘drop’ is required. Plus a hand-crafted Grade I: listed toilet makes your standard bog a bit less … bog standard!

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