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Please be in touch with Helen Sammon, Grants Administrator, at any time for an informal discussion about your idea for an application:

The Revd Helen Sammon, Grants Administrator

Whatever your project, however big or small, we would be delighted to hear from you. If you would like to discuss the suitability of your project, or have any queries about your application, please contact the Grants Administrator, Helen Sammon.  We can then arrange a mutually suitable time for a phone call.

We welcome applications for grants towards any church, and Christian based projects, particularly where the church is working in conjunction with the local community and addressing local needs.  Grants vary from a few hundred pounds, to (around a maximum) of £10,000.  Grants may be one off or for a period of 2-3 years. Please note that the Charity does not support building and building maintenance projects.

How to make an application as: A church or organisation

The process for making an application is fully outlined in the following document, which you are asked to download and follow :  Application process- Churches and organisations

As part of the application you will need to complete this form: Application Information Form – Churches and Organisations

The following templates may be of use as well :

Budget Template.  (Please use this template for your budget submission, unless it is a small simple project)
Project Risk Assessment Form

Reports : You will be required to write reports at the end of a grant period, or annually for ongoing grants. You will receive a reminder when these are due. The form to use at that time is the : Project Report Form


How to make an application as: an Individual

Individual applications are invited from clergy, licensed lay ministers and those working for Diocesan organisations.  Grants will be considered for further studies, sabbaticals and retreats.  The process for making the application is as set out in this document : Application process- Individuals

You will also need to complete and return this form  : Application Information Form – Individuals



The earlier you can start your application the better, as I will be pleased to look at draft papers with you prior to the closing dates. Return your papers by email (as Word Docs / Excel please – not pdf)  to: Helen Sammon (details above).

Forthcoming Application Dates:

April 12th 2024 (closing date 21st March)

July 19th 2024 (closing date 24th June)

November 15th 2024 (closing date 21st October)