Sylvanus Lysons: About us

The Charity was set up as a Trust by the late Sylvanus Lysons, a ‘ gentleman’ and landowner in Gloucester, in his Will of 1731.

Historical records tell us : ‘Silvanus appears to have led a quiet, private life of an English country gentleman and married Mary Clutterbuck in 1699. They left no surviving children. Three daughters died at the ages of 17 weeks, 19 years and 27 years. The sad loss of all his children is probably the reason why most of his fortune came to the Charity’.

The initial objects of the charity to ‘pay the yearly sum of £20 a piece to nine poor widows of clergy..’ ; ‘to pay £21 shillings to the Rector of Hempsted to read prayers and preach a sermon on Ascension day’, as well as to pay the stipend of the Rector of Hempsted.

The objects of the charity have evolved since that time to support the wider mission and ministry of the Church of England within the Diocese of Gloucester. The charity continues to give an annual gift to all widows and widowers of clergy, and to support ministry in the parish of Hempsted.

The income from the original estate has been invested and carefully managed over the years, and it is the income from these investments that enables the charity to fund a wide variety of projects throughout the Diocese.

The charity is run by a Board of 7 trustees, appointed locally, of whom 3 are licensed clergy. They are supported by Tayntons Solicitors who do the legal and financial work of the charity, and by a part time Grants Administrator.

Sylvanus Lysons Charity is Registered Charity No.202939


Ian Templeton

Chair of Trustees

The Revd Liz Palin


Michael Angell


Stuart Hutton


The Rt Revd Robert Springett

Bishop of Tewkesbury, Trustee

The Ven Phil Andrew

Archdeacon of Tewkesbury, Trustee