Young people celebrate faith and friendship at summer party

Published: Monday September 18, 2023

The Revd Mark Siddall with children from the JAM group Sunday 17 September saw children and young people from the worshipping community at St James’ Quedgeley come together to celebrate the end of the summer holidays.

The children were all members of the church’s children and young people’s groups – STJ, the Sunday morning family service and Jam, the Sunday afternoon group, which meet regularly at the church. Together, they enjoyed fun, music and pizza followed by ice cream.

JAM (which uses the first letters of the names in St James’ and St Mary Magdalene) is led by the Revd Mark Siddall and is aimed at young people who are about to enter secondary school. In a safe environment, the group members are able to learn about the Christian faith through music, dance, conversations and food.

Some of those attending the weekly JAM sessions spoke about the social aspect of the group and how it helped them to form friendships.

James said, “I stumbled on JAM one Sunday afternoon when I was caught in the rain. I took shelter in the church, and was apprehensive at first but soon made friends and like helping out.”

Ava said, “I’ve been a Christian my whole life. God helps you and I enjoy the social life here.”

The JAM sessions take place weekly at 4pm in Saint James’. There are refreshments available and it’s a place to relax, pray, laugh and make new friends.

Did your worshipping community put on any events over the summer? Now is a really good time to reflect on the learning experiences that they gave you. Send your good news stories of summer events to ku.gr1695308726o.coi1695308726dsolg1695308726@newo1695308726k1695308726 and we will share them across our diocesan mailings to inspire others.


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