Revenue opportunity for churches with car parks

Published: Wednesday March 22, 2023

white car parkedThe Diocese has been approached by JustPark to enquire whether any of our churches with car parks would be interested in letting their unused parking spaces out, for a fee, on the days when their church is not in use.

We understand that several PCCs in other parts of the country have now signed up with JustPark and other providers.

You can choose when to list spaces and which days and hours to list them for.  These can also be regularly changed (and changed at short notice) so if there is a service or event on, you can have full use of the car park back. You can also add in reserved spaces and add exempt car registrations, for example.

We believe the scheme may be of interest particularly to churches in larger towns and close to popular tourist attractions or walking routes, but JustPark assured us that they are open to working with any churches that are interested. JustPark prepared a video for churches, showing how the scheme works in practice. Needless to say, the passive revenue that listing on JustPark can provide can be extremely beneficial, especially during the current economic turmoil.

If you are interested or wish to find out more, please contact:

Jon Sprank, Head of Sales at JustPark: moc.k1719174805rapts1719174805uj@kn1719174805arps.1719174805noj1719174805


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