Massage, healing prayer and support at Wotton church’s ‘Being Well Day’

Published: Monday November 6, 2023

Holistic Massage with prayer at St Mary's WottonFor five hours on Saturday 28 October, St Mary’s Wotton under Edge opened its doors for something a little bit different. The ‘Being Well Day’ offered an array of opportunities to reflect on wellbeing, mental health and Christian healing.

Visitors to the church could take part in a number of activities which included massage with prayer and yoga with a Christian focus. There were interactive prayer stations and people could sit and listen to psalms being read or relax in an immersive space, wrapped in a cosy throw, with some poetry.

The Revd Lesley Hewish says, “The initiative to hold a day for wellbeing stemmed from the Bishops’ Advisory Group and the hope to create an event that reached a wider community of people who were not regular churchgoers, giving examples of how Christian healing works.”

The day was possible thanks to the contributions of time and talent from members of the Advisory Group and the St Mary’s worshipping community.

Lesley says, “There were lots of spaces available for people to have a natter and some prayer time. We also provided cake and refreshments and in the afternoon it was lovely to have the local community choir lead an hour of sung worship.”

As well as the options for physical relaxation, there was an opportunity to talk about anxiety or stress, or to receive bereavement support.

“Feedback from the day has been very positive with people really appreciating the opportunity to chat to others and listening to the songs and psalms in the church. On our feedback form, one visitor said that ‘the bereavement support was really good’ and of one of our reflective activities another said, ‘I enjoyed finding the jewel in the sand. I often forget that I am precious too’.

“It was wonderful to have so many people from across the worshipping community come into the church to take part in the day and receive support. Throughout the day we welcomed over 100 visitors, many of them coming through the doors of our church for the first time. We will definitely be looking at doing this again in the future.”

If you are interested in running a similar event, please get in touch with the Revd Lesley Hewish who would be happy to offer guidance: ku.oc1718238069.ecif1718238069enebe1718238069ladny1718238069t@rac1718238069iv1718238069



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  1. I think this initiative is wonderful. Healing can come through many various ways .
    At times we.require just to share whatever is making us unhappy. Our health and daily well being can be very inhibited as a result. It is true that healing of ‘body, mind and spirit ‘ is. important. I have led many Quiet Days, and amazing how people often find help from whatever is affecting their feelings of well-being. @Wendy

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