Statistics for Mission – 2021

Published: Tuesday November 2, 2021

Statistics for Mission – 2021 – now available for completion

Due to the continued presence of COVID-19 many of our churches will have felt far from “normal” for some time. We discovered through the 2020 Statistics for Mission  some of the creativity and resilience that churches displayed in finding ways to continue to offer worship and support to their congregations and communities.

In the Statistics for Mission 2021 we are again attempting to understand and recognise some important aspects of churches’ work.  The form is a little different from usual, but much of it will be familiar to those who assisted us by providing figures last year. As ever, where exact numbers are unavailable we would far rather have your best approximation than no information at all. Please be reassured that the data for 2021 will be used carefully by your Diocese and the National Church.

Thank you, as always, for your assistance in helping us better understand the work of our churches.

Please visit the parish returns website for downloadable forms or to access the online form (the preferred method of submission). You are now able to access the online form to enter Easter and October count figures for your parish. If you do not have an account, or have any difficulty completing the form, please contact either Laura Evans on ku.gr1701480211o.coi1701480211dsolg1701480211@noit1701480211pecer1701480211 or Helen Crawford on ku.gr1701480211o.coi1701480211dsolg1701480211@drof1701480211warch1701480211.


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