Foundations in Theology, Ministry and Mission

Published: Thursday July 1, 2021

September 2021 – June 2022

This course is a great way to explore and grow in faith and be part of a learning network. Offered by Cuddesdon, Gloucester and Hereford in partnership with the Diocese, it has an overall aim to support and equip Christian disciples to become more effective signs of God’s kingdom.

People attend the course for a variety of reasons; from exploring a call to ordained or licenced ministry in the Church of England, to wanting to ‘find out more’. The course is enjoyed and helpful for those wishing to better serve local congregations and communities and also for those who already have a specific role within the church, such as Worship Leader, ‘Open the Book’ team member or PCC member.

The learning journey develops biblical study and interpretation and helps connect the Bible and theology to life experiences.

Teaching is through structured study, informal discussion and fellowship.

One of our students told us:

‘My vicar suggested that it might be a good idea for me to attend. I am absolutely loving the course, it is not only incredibly interesting, but also enables one to explore and understand our Christian faith at a much deeper level’.

This is a one year part-time course run from St Mary de Crypt in Gloucester, taking place during evenings spread across three ten-week terms.  For further information about the course contact:

Revd Canon Pauline Godfrey, Head of Discipleship and Vocation.

 Âku.1713883354gro.c1713883354oidso1713883354lg@ye1713883354rfdog1713883354p1713883354    01452 835448 or see the Foundations in Mission and Ministry course on the Cuddesdon, Gloucester and Hereford website

Foundations Application Pack 2021-22 (PG)

CGH Independent Foundation Student Application

Kathryn and Sarah talk about their experiences of the Foundations course:

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