Archbishop calls for support to restore youth services

Published: Monday March 2, 2020

YMCA President, the Archbishop of York, is calling on church congregations to sign a petition in support of YMCA’s campaign for the restoration of Youth Services.

Youth services, like youth clubs and youth workers, exist to provide a sense of belonging, a safe space, and the opportunity for some of the most vulnerable young people, to enjoy being young.

But sadly, young people have suffered as a direct result of funding cuts across England and Wales. Since 2010/2011, youth services have been cut by 70% – resulting in the loss of hundreds of youth clubs and youth worker jobs.

The Archbishop said, “It is of great concern to me that young people are reporting that they feel increasingly isolated, that their mental wellbeing is worsening and that they feel more vulnerable to violence and crime. This is against a background of dramatic year on year cuts in spending on Youth Services. In this campaign, YMCA is calling for these cuts to be reversed so that we can reinvest in the wellbeing of our young people. I commend the campaign to you and encourage you to add your voice to this call for change.”

Sign the petition online

To order printed petition sheets and for further information and materials, please contact: ku.gr1718989193o.acm1718989193y@sng1718989193iapma1718989193c1718989193 or 020 7186 9542.

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