Leading Worship Course

Published: Monday June 4, 2018

microphoneLeading worship is a calling within the people of God. This course trains lay people to lead worship and be  valuable members of worship teams.

‘Worship Leaders’ will be trained to lead different worship services, including Services of the Word and inter-generational worship, contributing creatively to the worshipping life of the community, usually where they  worship on a regular basis. Whilst they are not authorised to preach, they are able to offer an alternative. You may apply for this course with the agreement of your incumbent or PCC.

We are currently reviewing this course in order for it to be even more impactful and helpful for church  communities in the future. If this is a course you would be interested in running in your deanery or parish,
then do let us know and we could help you organise this.

If you would like to know more, please contact, Lee Barnes, Lay Ministry Officer & Warden of Readers, via email: ku.gr1695446921o.coi1695446921dsolg1695446921@senr1695446921abl1695446921

Or register you interest in attending this course by completing this form.

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