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Welcome to the Faith at home marketplace page.

Parenting for faith

Equipping parents to raise God-connected children and teens and helping kids and teens develop a lasting and vibrant two-way relationship with God.


Together @ Home

Providing free resources for churches to share with their families to help them explore the Bible and learn about God together whilst in their own homes.


Godventure …

This is a great website which sells creative tools to help explore faith with children.


Growing Faith

The Growing Faith Adventure is a call for the renewal of hearts and minds so that it becomes second nature to include and value children, young people and households in every aspect of church life for the lifelong formation of faith in the whole of life


Faith at Home

A national campaign that builds on the work of Growing Faith and Everyday Faith to support the faith development and pastoral care of children and young people.


Support from the Diocese of Gloucester’s Children’s and Families Officer

Our vision is to see children and families being encouraged and nurtured in our churches and being part of our worshipping community so that together we discover God’s kingdom and grow the Church. Explore resources and ideas on our webpage.

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Facebook group

A forum for parents, people in churches who minister to children and anyone who would like ideas about discipling young people.


Going for Growth

Faith isn’t something to be learned in church – it’s to be lived out at home. But it isn’t always easy for families to know how to pray together or tell the stories of Jesus together. This page offers links and ideas to help families be Christian in their whole lives, not just the Sunday bit!


Prayer spaces at home

These prayer activities have been created for families to use at home.


Family prayer

Bright Prayer ideas for Families at home from Thy Kingdom Come
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