Clergy Terms of Service / Common Tenure

Since 2011, Common Tenure has formed part of a framework of terms of service that brings security, clarity, and the opportunity for people to work together to encourage and support the clergy’s ministry.

Common Tenure arrangements bring with them some specific arrangements, including:

  • Statement of Particulars – a statement detailing rights, responsibilities and accountabilities
  • Roles and Responsibilities Document – an overview of the role, key contacts and initial objectives

In addition the Diocese offers a Clergy and Parish Handbook with which clergy are able to access information and policies, advice and guidance across a full range of “terms and conditions” and practical issues.

There are a number of downloadable documents below which you may find helpful and several which are the templates of current work such as the Roles and Responsibilities document and the template Working Agreement.

If you have any queries about your Statement, or any policy or guidance in the Clergy and Parish Handbook on our website please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Judith Knight
01452 835526

Head of Human Resources and Safeguarding as the officer of the diocese nominated for this purpose under Regulation 3 and 3(1) of the Ecclesiastical Offices (Terms of Service) Regulations 2009 (“the Regulations”) by the Bishop of Gloucester.