Diocese of Gloucester Funerals

What does Diocese of Gloucester Funerals do?

Nationally, the proportion of funerals led by Church of England ministers has been falling rapidly over the past 20 years. Research has shown that these days, funeral directors are looking for a swift response to funeral service requests, so that they can confirm the date and the venue of funerals to grieving families as soon as possible.

If funeral directors are looking to arrange a funeral in a Church of England church or in a crematorium, our friendly administrators will aim to have a date and time agreed within 24 hours and give details of who will be leading the service.

There is also just one number to ring – 07742 700319 – to book a funeral anywhere in the parishes where Diocese of Gloucester Funerals is active. We can also be contacted by email on ku.gr1695399642o.coi1695399642dsolg1695399642@slar1695399642enufr1695399642etsec1695399642uolg1695399642.

Fully trained ministers

Diocese of Gloucester Funerals provides the most comprehensive range of ministers for funerals from a single source. If incumbent priests are not able to cover a service themselves, we are able to supply Licensed Ministers for any funeral situation, from priests for traditional church funerals to specially trained creative ministers for crematorium services or woodland burials. Each ceremony is carefully tailored to meet the needs of individual families.

Diocese of Gloucester regularly runs training courses to equip and train new and existing funeral ministers, to offer effective funeral and bereavement ministry throughout Gloucestershire.

You can find details of our new training courses by going to our Events page and typing ‘Funeral’ in the Search box. Upcoming Events – Diocese of Gloucester (anglican.org)

Simplified administration

All funerals are invoiced by Diocese of Gloucester Funerals, to make things simpler for funeral directors and our churches.

How has the project gone so far?

Between 2014 and 2018, the number of Church of England funerals taking place throughout the Diocese was declining by around 4.5% per year. Since the project began in 2019, the parishes where Diocese of Gloucester Funerals is active have experienced a dramatic turn-around in the number of Church of England funerals. We estimate that more than 400 additional Church of England Funerals took place in 2022 due to the work of Diocese of Gloucester Funerals in partnership with our member churches. We hope to be able to continually expand this service to churches throughout Gloucestershire.

To book a funeral with Diocese of Gloucester Funerals call 07742 700319 or email ku.gr1695399642o.coi1695399642dsolg1695399642@slar1695399642enufr1695399642etsec1695399642uolg1695399642

If you would like to know more about Diocese of Gloucester Funerals, please contact Nick Partridge: ku.gr1695399642o.coi1695399642dsolg1695399642@egdi1695399642rtrap1695399642n1695399642