Connect Young Leaders Programme

“Leadership is not about titles, positions, or flow charts. It is about one life influencing another.”
— John C. Maxwell

What is it?
At Youth Connect we believe that God calls each of us to be a leader – to influence those around us for the Kingdom and to partner with God in bringing life in all its fullness.

The Connect Young Leaders Programme is not about recruiting the next generation of vicars, or worship leaders, youth ministers, or church administrators.

The Young Leaders Programme is about inspiring YOU to be a leader and influencer right where you are. Now, and in the future in whatever sphere of society you find yourself.


Who is it for?

The Connect Young Leaders Programme is aimed at young people aged 13-18.

If you’re here, someone has probably identified you as an aspiring young leader. You might already be involved in some leadership capacity – helping out in church, school or another context. Or it might be that your leader has seen some potential in you…


About the Programme

 The Connect Young Leaders Programme is facilitated by our Youth Connectors, and runs for 12 weeks in locations around the Diocese of Gloucester

Typically you will meet together for 2 hours one evening per week with young leaders from across your area. Topics you will cover include

  • “Foundations of Leadership.”
  • “Effective Communication.”
  • “Influence and Impact.”
  • “Where does God fit in?”

Alongside learning and growing together, you’ll be expected to look for opportunities to lead in your home town or village. Your church or youth leader will help you work out how to do this.

You’ll also have a local mentor – typically the person who told you about the programme – who will help you to process what you’re doing and talk through anything that comes up.

Do I get a qualification?

At the end of the programme, if you complete it, you’ll get an amazing certificate! (not a formal qualification, but it looks nice) and we’ll have a celebration with everyone from all the different programmes.

Great, where do I sign up?

Fill in this form, and your local Youth Connector will be in touch with details of the programme in your area.