Guidance for our worshipping communities

National guidance

National, daily-updated Church of England guidance
WORSHIP: Advice on conducting public worship. Version Sep 17

Safeguarding in the Diocese of Gloucester

Safeguarding hub page
Volunteering in Coronavirus times: Safeguarding guidelines
Virtual meetings in Coronavirus times: Safeguarding guidelines
Volunteer info for collection & delivery of community food

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Messages from our Bishops

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Diocesan information

Wedding banns: Note for applicants for common licence
Questionnaire for completion by applicants seeking marriage in church by common licence
APCMs, Visitations, PCCs and Marriage Common Licences
Advice of Gloucester DAC – updated advice on work affecting church building and their interiors.
Supporting Funeral Ministry ~ Diocese-wide Co-ordination for Cover
Mar 30: Finance letter for Clergy, Church Wardens, Treasurers, Deanery Treasurers and Deanery Parish Share Officers
Coronavirus Job Retention – furlouging advice and guidance
Property Team Coronavirus update
Coronavirus Job Retention – furlouging advice and guidance
Template: Temporary church building closure notice
Caring for church buildings during the pandemic – advice for parishes
Cancellation of PCC meetings

Getting connected using digital tools

Examples, details and advice on some great free digital tools
Safeguarding guidelines for Virtual meetings
LIVESTREAMING hub page – tools, advice and examples
Basic livestreaming, even without wifi
Facebook group for clergy
Zoom – A free video meetings application

External links:

Gloucestershire County Council Covid-19 hub
Covid Mutual Aid
~ Resources & templates for people supporting the vulnerable

Diocese of St Albans: considering the vulnerable
Guidance for ministers as crises deepen