Sherlock shows children that they belong

Published: Thursday February 29, 2024

The Beacon Benefice in the Cotswolds is branding its all-age services with a friendly sheep called Sherlock to make its offering instantly recognisable.

Part of the Benefice’s current focus is on becoming a ‘younger and more diverse’ church, in line with Church of England priorities.

Using this picture consistently across the benefice’s all-age activities and events tells children and families that there will be plenty to see and do.Cartoon picture of Sherlock the Sheep

The Revd Sarah Haslam said, “With children and grandchildren facing a whole new range of exciting and sometimes daunting opportunities and challenges as they navigate the world today, our churches aim to provide a hospitable, safe, fun, and caring culture in which everyone can be known, belong and hopefully flourish on their journey.  

“By prayerfully investing our time, skills, passions and other resources in supporting the children and young people in the parishes, we hope they and their adults in our wider communities may become curious about our relationship with our Good Shepherd, Jesus, and will join Sherlock and the rest of our flock as we learn how to live in the light of God’s love.”

The Beacon All Ages Development approach aims to grow strong communities that will support young people and adults through all the changing sceneries and life scenarios.


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