New WhatsApp service for clergy and Readers

Published: Tuesday January 16, 2024

Hand holding a mobile phone with the WhatsApp title screen showingClergy, Readers and licensed lay ministers in and around the Diocese of Gloucester can now receive key messages from the Diocese of Gloucester direct to their phones. The new service will offer a fortnightly update containing only priority messages.

WhatsApp enables free and secure messaging to smartphones. This new service is designed specifically for clergy and readers to share key messages such as updates from the Bishops, events and training, or other information you need to be aware of. This service is in addition to our weekly OneDiocese WhatsApp communication (you can read more here), which is sent to Christians living in and around Gloucestershire.

The messages will be sent out fortnightly – on a Monday – direct to your smartphone.

Signing up is easy:

  1. Click here or scan this code
  2. Then send a message with the words ‘Subscribe’ and your name, e.g. ‘Subscribe Katherine Clamp’.
  3. You will be asked if you would like the OneDiocese WhatsApp or the The Clergy and Readers WhatsApp. Please reply to this message to confirm your preferences.
  4. Remember to add our number to your contacts, otherwise you will not receive the updates.


The Diocese of Gloucester will only use your name and phone number to send you the fortnightly update. We will never sell your data. You can message us with the word Unsubscribe OneDiocese or Unsubscribe Clergy and Readers and your name to unsubscribe at any time. There is no charge for receiving the messages.

Diocese of Gloucester Privacy Notice

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