Live updates from the Big Mission Weekend: Small Ships Festival

Published: Saturday May 25, 2024

Saturday 25 May: Small Ships Festival

Archbishop Justin and Bishop Rachel have been having a ball at the Small Ships Festival. It’s the little sister of the iconic Gloucester Tall Ships Festival, where steam punk aficionados gather in bright and colourful costumes to celebrate!

Bishop Rachel and Archbishop Justin got quite competitive with the biscuit dunk off and the small boat race – watch the videos below to see how the competition panned out.

A room full of steam punk costumed people looking at the Archbishop Bishop Rachel defiantly raises her dunked biscuit to the Archbishop A row of pirates sits and listens Bishop Rachel gears herself up for the biscuit dunking competition Archbishop Justin is held up by a steam punk pirateMore tea vicar? The Archbishop holds a sloganed tea pot

A lady in a fantastic red steam punk pirate costume

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