Live updates from the Big Mission Weekend: Prayer walk through Gloucester

Published: Saturday May 25, 2024

A group of people take selfies with the Archbishop in front of the Robert Raikes statueSaturday 25 May: Prayer walk through Gloucester

Archbishop Justin and Bishop Rachel have been out on a prayer walk around Gloucester, meeting PCSOs in Gloucester Park, chatting to volunteers and skaters at Gloucester Skate Project and praying over all the relationships and community work happening.

Each year, the Skate Project volunteers try to do one thing to make the park a better place.

God of joy, we give you thanks for the generous hearts of people across the city, for time, money and resources offered, for places of learning and play, where skills are shared and confidence grown. We pray that all ages will discover that in you there is life in all its fullness, and that where life has become overshadowed with despair, a new joy with spring forth. Amen.

There was a stop at Wholly Gelato, a Christian family run ice cream business with a shop in the Gloucester Food Dock.

The final stop was at The Clean Plate, a community café which has been set up by a group of people in recovery from addiction to create an alcohol- free space for those who want to socialise away from alcohol. The group shared stories of their history and the support of the Nelson Trust.

Trauma can be overwhelming, but the Nelson Trust have the heart to hold hope. People who experience trauma shroud it in shame and silence. The Nelson Trust dilutes that shame and helps to build self esteem again.

A group of people with the Bishop and Archbishop on the prayer walk Archbishop and Mike Parsons Archbishop speaks to skaters at Gloucester skate park Archbishop speaks to skaters at Gloucester skate park Meeting the PCSOs Gathered in the park for 'salty prayers' Mike Parsons and Archbishop Justin praying PCSOs Salty prayers bookletLucy Taylor with an icecream Sandra Millar with an icecream The Wholly Gelato family The Wholly Gelato familyClean Plate - sharing stories of trauma and the support that came from the Nelson Trust. A group of people sitting around a table

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