Live updates from the Big Mission Weekend: Celebration Cathedral Eucharist

Published: Sunday May 26, 2024

Hands spread wideThe Cathedral was full for a joyful service as we came to the end of our Diocesan Big Mission Weekend with the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The Archbishop spoke from the heart, without notes, telling of the people and places that he had encountered over this spirit-filled Bank Holiday weekend in the Diocese of Gloucester.

He talked of people finding their hope and their strength in times of trouble through faith and through the love God seen through the people around them.

Central to his thoughts was the Bible verse from John 10:10, “I have come that they may have life and have it to the full”, which is at the heart of our vision and mission in this diocese.

He talked of the challenges that we might encounter and that there was a higher hope, the hope we have in Jesus, that we can reach for in times of need.

“The things we put our trust in, have proved to be not strong enough for the storms of this life, but…in good times and bad, God never lets go of us. This is nothing that can pull us out of his hand… The abundant life of God is the message that Christians have for the world.”

He encouraged us to put our trust in God – the God that we do not see, but who sees the best and worst of us, gives us forgiveness through the cross and eternal life through the resurrection.

Archbishop of Canterbury transcript

A talented ‘scratch choir’ provided wonderful music through the service, despite having only rehearsed together for the first time that day.


A look between Archdeacons A quick conversation before the start of the service At the doors of the Cathedral Archbishop Justin and Bishop Rachel talking before the service Big smiles 2 Dean Andrew close up Dean Andrew and to the side a photographer chatting to a verger Big smiles Dean Andrew, Bishop Rachel and Jason 2 Dean Andrew welcomes people to the Cathedral Evangelist Chris Russell speaks to Bishop Robert Dean Andrew, Bishop Rachel and Jason Dean Andrew Final choir rehearsals Jason and Phil Jason and Archdeacon Phil Guy Treweek Lucy and Iona Nicki Arthy and Archbishop Justin Pauline preparing for the service Preparation for the procession Rachel ,Sandra and Judith Ready for the service Robed and ready The Cathedral filling up fast The procession from behind The communion chalices on the altar The Archbishop in Gloucester Cathedral hands spread wide Hands spread wide


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