Diocese appoints Collaborative Ministry Lead for Lifelong Learning

Published: Tuesday March 19, 2024

Kate StaceyIntroducing the Revd Kate Stacey who has just been appointed Collaborative Ministry Lead: Lifelong Learning for the Diocese of Gloucester. Kate explains what this means and the difference it will make for both clergy and lay leaders within our diocese.

“Some of you might have heard about our new approach to training and ministry in the Diocese of Gloucester. Instead of having a separation between lay and ordained people for ongoing training, we are developing people as both lay and ordained newer recruits or as both lay and ordained more experienced people.

“My role is in looking after those who have been in place for some time and to provide opportunities for them to develop their ministry. The underlying principles of the new structure are, that in our rich variety of callings and ministries we are better together and when we bring our diversity together, we are more intelligent. When we are inspired, resourced, clear about what is ours to do and what is not, and vitally, when we are supported, ministry is joyfully creative and fruitful.

“I’ve been in the Diocese of Gloucester for over six years now, as a Team Rector in the Stroud Team Ministry and am using my experience of what life looks like for my lay and ordained colleagues as inspiration as I shape the detail of this post.

“Following 16 years of multi-parish ministry, which has taken me from the extremely rural through to market town multi-parish ministry and lots in between, I have spent time in a variety of different settings, working with many different colleagues. I’m also a mum to three young adults and married to a vicar.

“My new role, focusing on lifelong learning is an exciting challenge and I hope that I will be able to learn alongside you, as we focus on our inspiring leadership and our culture of ministry here in the Diocese of Gloucester.

“At present, the single most pressing issue that has arisen, from many different groups of people, is that of supervision. We may also call it coaching, or mentoring, but the need to come alongside others, in a supportive, intentional, accountable way, is valuable – even vital.

“We are created in the image of our Trinitarian God. We are the body of Christ. We journey with others, our faith and ministry is profoundly relational.

“So, here is the question: how do we deeply embed networks of support and accountability throughout our Diocese that create connections, shared learning and deepen our faith?

“Across our Diocese, there is a wealth of training and experience. Many of you coach and supervise in your work and ministry settings, wherever they may be. We are going to have some conversations, gather up these treasures and begin to imagine what might be possible. Some of you will be part of these conversations as a generous gift of your experience, with no need to take any actions away. Some of you will want to participate in building on what you are already doing. Some of you may have done training, but like learning a language, have not had much opportunity to use it since, and would like a space to rebuild confidence. Or you may just be curious. All of these will be welcome. You are welcome.”

If you would like to be part of the conversation, please get in touch with ku.gr1716312536o.coi1716312536dsolg1716312536@yeca1716312536tsk1716312536


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