New film released for Black History Month

Published: Monday September 25, 2023

After the Flood words on a leaf backgroundOctober is Black History Month, a time to recognise and celebrate the contributions black people have made throughout our country’s history and culture.

This year, a new film offers a way for worshipping communities to come together to better understand and reflect on the history of slavery and reconciliation within the Church.

Black History Month has been celebrated in the UK since 1987, and churches across the Church of England mark Black History Month with special events, services, exhibitions and more. This year, the Church is offering an opportunity for its members, individually and collectively, to watch ‘After the Flood: The Church, Slavery and Reconciliation’.

The documentary, which was funded by the charity Movement for Justice and Reconciliation, depicts how the 18th century Church became embroiled in chattel slavery, justified its involvement in the trade and examines the lasting impact of this. It concludes by exploring biblical principles for racial reconciliation in our churches today.

The charity states that ‘reconciling slavery is integral to creating a fair and convivial culture and vital to the integrity of Christian witness, unity and renewal of fellowship… This film is both educational and redemptive. It tells how the Church became embroiled in a racist discourse, and how it can atone for this past. The film provides concrete examples for restitution, reconciliation and forgiveness.’

Archbishop of York Stephen Cotterell says, “I recommend this to Bible Study and other small groups to help reflect on the meaning of us being truly one in Christ.”

You can download the promotional flyer here: After_the_Flood_flyer_A5_Flyer

Churches are also invited to use the Church of England’s liturgical resources for Black History Month

How are you marking Black History Month? We’d love to share your stories. Email ku.gr1713107722o.coi1713107722dsolg1713107722@newo1713107722k1713107722

Watch ‘After the Flood: the Church, slavery and reconciliation’

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