Message from Dean Andrew, 31 October 2023

Published: Tuesday October 31, 2023

One of the questions I often find myself being asked by people I meet is this: what is your favourite Bible verse? There are so many verses I could choose, but the themes in the scriptures that have always most inspired me are those that speak of light and hope.

The opening of St John’s Gospel that we hear each Christmas, with its glorious imagery of Christ the Word of God coming into world to be the light and life of all people, is therefore high on my list of key Bible passages.

We have been thinking very much about ‘light’ here at the Cathedral over the past week. The Light Eternal light and sound installation has just come to an end – and what an incredible event that has been! We were delighted to have welcomed around 20,000 visitors over the course of Light Eternal, many of whom had never visited the Cathedral before, and were able to encounter our story in an original, innovative and exciting way. I hope that many of you were able to come and see this extraordinary display.

As we move into November, the theme of ‘light’ remains in our hearts and on our minds. The Feast of All Saints and the Commemoration of All Souls and the wider context of the season of Remembrance remind us of the wonderful hope that is articulated in that beautiful prologue of St John’s Gospel that, whatever the challenges and adversities we face, we have the promise of Christ’s light that will overcome the darkness of the world. We perhaps need this message more than ever, as we watched with heartbreak the evil unleashed by Hamas on the people of Southern Israel nearly a month ago, and continue daily to hear of the suffering, fear and grief of innocent children, women and men in Gaza. My earnest prayer as we enter the Kingdom season in the Church’s calendar is that this light of Christ will banish the darkness of hatred still so prevalent in our world.

The wonderful Light Eternal installation at the Cathedral has brought into sharp focus our mission as Christian people to reflect the light and love of Christ for all people yesterday, today and forever. May we, too, live out that light and love today and always, so that everyone of all ages and backgrounds will be inspired to discover Jesus Christ and life in all its fullness.


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  1. My wife and I found the Light Eternal show at the Cathedral very disappointing in the way that it didn’t seem to reference Jesus as that Light of the World in any way. Indeed most aspects of the Cathedral that draw attention to Jesus were obscured by the show rather than highlighted by it. We left wondering why the amazing technology of the show paid so little attention the eternal purpose of the building.

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