“I work in the media and I welcome your prayers.” Chris Sandys

Published: Friday October 20, 2023

Chris and Claire SandysSunday 29 October is National Day of Prayer for the Media, an initiative pioneered by the charity Christians in Media. Chris Sandys, a Gloucestershire-based journalist, shares some of his journey into working in the media and how his faith has guided and supported him through the ups and downs.

“Who’s the greatest storyteller you know?

“You get a gold star if you answered ‘Jesus’, because we all know that – of course – Jesus is the answer to every question in Sunday School. But Jesus was a powerful storyteller, and in a similar vein I’ve wanted to use the opportunities I’ve had (in the media) to share stories that genuinely make a difference. I’ve always felt this way, but the desire has grown even stronger over recent years. To explain why, let me (very) briefly take you back to the beginning.

“I was born in Huddersfield, raised in the Church, began my career in local BBC radio, married Claire, moved to Gloucestershire shortly before the great flood (the 2007 one, not the Noah one) and have since experienced many mountain-top and valley-low experiences. Infertility is one of those, which has actually fed into many of our joys and sorrows along the way.

“Through such trials, challenges and ‘the refining fire’, God has increased my love of listening to people’s stories and my opportunities to share them; whether I’m at home, or with friends and family, or at work with BBC Radio Gloucestershire, at church with the St George’s family in Brockworth, or podcasting with Claire about finding hope through grief and loss (The Silent Why). I love to hear and share stories that offer good news and hope.

“And never has there been more opportunities to find those stories. You don’t believe me, do you? We have dozens of different devices, many mediums, a choice of channels and a plethora of publications which all carry daily examples of love and compassion in action – we just have to find them. Of course not all stories will be to our liking, but I can guarantee that whatever you need right now, there will be written, recorded or broadcast stories available which will bless and encourage you. If you need help, maybe ask a trusted friend for a recommendation.

“This is the joy of the media, and the joy of many professionals, amateurs and hobbyists who make the media what it is; from local radio to live streaming, TV to Twitch, podcasters to performers and national newspapers to village newsletters. Gloucestershire (and the world) has more ‘broadcasters’ than ever before.

“But let’s not get lost in all of that, let’s keep it simple. My name is Chris, I work in the media and I welcome your prayer. Every day I want to work out of my apprenticeship to Jesus, and I want everyone I work with to see more fruit of the Spirit in my life (Eph 5:22). There’s so much darkness around, I want to be one of many in the media who carry the Light, for God’s ultimate glory of course, but also the good of Gloucestershire. Not to change people’s minds on what they believe, but to change atmospheres, to make time for others, to give encouragement and to cultivate hope.

“Imagine how many stories (and ‘newsrooms’) could be changed through prayer, how many lives improved, how many broadcasts bettered. This is a great day to pray.”


Join in with National Day of Prayer for the Media on 29 October: National Day of Prayer for the Media — Christians in Media

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