Good Childhood Report findings reflect anxieties in children across the Diocese

Published: Friday September 29, 2023

The Good Childhood Report with photo of a smiling teenage girlThe Children’s Society has published its 12th annual Good Childhood Report. The report shows the latest trends in children’s wellbeing across the UK, and reflects how the cost of living crisis is impacting families within our Diocese.

Andrew Holt, Gloucester Diocesan Ambassador for The Children’s Society, says, “Young people in our Diocese are troubled by the same issues highlighted in the latest Good Childhood Report: it is worrying to see their overall happiness levels have fallen, with many concerned about life as a whole, friends, appearance, school and schoolwork. It is comforting to see that they feel happiest and safest in their own homes though they worried about the financial pressures on their families and the stresses that these add.”

This year’s Good Childhood Report reveals that:

  • 10% of the UK children aged 10 to 17 who completed our annual survey for The Good Childhood Report 2023 had low wellbeing (scored below the midpoint on a multi-item measure of overall life satisfaction)*
  • when asked about a list of seven issues relevant for their own futures, having enough money was what more children and young people who responded to our survey worried about*
  • 82% of parents and carers who responded to our survey in May to June this year were concerned about the impacts of the cost of living increases on their family or household over the next 12 months.*

Andrew says, “It is sad to hear that, at their young age, rising prices and their economic future were the top worries for them. We have plans in place to continue our work with young people across the Diocese, sharing our findings and offering support.

“As ever, should any churches or Diocesan Synods like to have a speaker to give more detailed information about the situations faced by young people today, we hope they will contact us.”

The Children’s Society works for the hope and happiness of young people when it’s threatened by abuse, exploitation and neglect. The Society is calling for the Government to act now to protect children and young people’s wellbeing from the impacts of rising costs and other pressures. That includes investing in social security, working to better understand children’s wellbeing, and boosting mental health support in schools.

You can download the full report, the summary and recommendations report, and a youth summary, from

To find out about The Children’s Society in your area, contact Andrew direct on moc.t1701493520enret1701493520nitb@1701493520tlohw1701493520a1701493520


* This was completed in May to June 2023 by 2,001 children aged 10 to 17 from across the UK, and their parent or carer. The statistics mentioned refer to this group of young people. 



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