Free digital media training to help you reach your worshipping community

Published: Friday August 25, 2023

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If you communicate online on behalf of your church then you won’t want to miss this special training day offered exclusively by the Diocese of Gloucester.

The Digital Media Training Day on 6 October has been specially created to help you build confidence using digital applications and explore the various functions available. 

Many churches are connecting with their worshipping communities online – whether through social media platforms, MailChimp or A Church Near You. These are all powerful and accessible tools that complement and expand the relationships you have with people connected to your parish.

The Digital Media Training Day, led by the Church of England’s Digital Labs team, offers three separate sessions:

  • Session 1: First steps in church communications
    For new or hesitant church communicators, introducing two basic but powerful communication channels – A Church Near You and MailChimp.
  • Session 2: Gathering confidence in church communications
    Offering more on A Church Near You and MailChimp plus a whistlestop tour to help you understand the main social media channels available and how to direct your time in the most effective way.
  • Session 3: Further steps in church communications
    A seminar-style session for confident church communicators looking to develop more meaningful engagement with their communities online.

The training day will be held at Hatherley Manor, Gloucester. Simply choose which session(s) appeal to you and book your place here: Digital media training in Gloucester 

If you have any questions about this training day, feel free to get in touch with the Diocesan Communications team.


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