DAC Secretary speaks on heritage and climate change at European summit

Published: Tuesday October 10, 2023
Adam Klups speaking on stage at the Europa Nostra summit
© Europa Nostra

Adam Klups, Gloucester DAC Secretary, took part in a European heritage and climate action forum in Italy, sharing how the Church of England and the Diocese are working towards the pledge to become Net Zero Carbon by 2030, and how he and his colleagues are supporting churches on the path to sustainability.

Europa Nostra, which hosted the forum, is the largest European network of heritage organisations which celebrate, protect and advocate for cultural heritage. The European Cultural Heritage Summit 2023, on 27-30 September in Venice, Italy, brought together heritage experts from across Europe to celebrate and reaffirm their commitment to champion the role of heritage in society today and for the future.

Adam Klups, who is currently on sabbatical leave, was selected as one of 32 heritage and climate experts, politicians and municipal leaders debating what the world would look like with a better integration of heritage in climate action, and discussing relevant best practice and positive steps which are already being taken around the world.

Adam, who earlier this year was named one of 12 European Heritage Youth Ambassadors 2023, said, “This was a rare opportunity to talk to European colleagues about the Church of England’s Net Zero Carbon 2030 target. The audience was extremely interested in the work we are doing in the Diocese to meet the 2030 target, enable adaptation of church buildings to today’s needs and improve their digital connectivity. A number of delegates approached me after my presentation to compliment us on our vision and progress to date.”

Adam was part of the panel for the forum on ‘Reimagining the Anthropocene: Putting culture and heritage at the heart of climate action’.

More details of the event >>European Heritage Hub Forum – Europa Nostra

Watch Adam speaking about his role at the Diocese, sustainability and managing complex historic church buildings (from 3:35)

Reimagining the Anthropocene: Putting Culture and Heritage at the Heart of Climate Action from Europa Nostra on Vimeo.














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