The season of Creationtide is here

Published: Wednesday August 30, 2023

Cross entwined by nature, detail from Caedmon's cross

As we return to regular routines after the summer break – at least, those of us who take leave in school holidays – the liturgical calendar gives us a focus on God’s Creation.  The Season of Creation, or Creationtide,  runs throughout September, finishing on 4 October which is St Francis’ Day.

This timing includes Harvest Festivals, giving scope to us to hold our harvest celebrations within a broader context of thankfulness, and attention towards the gift given us in Creation.  God’s gifts are to be cherished, appreciated and cared for, so as we give thanks, we also consider what is needed from us as we take responsibility to care for God’s wider Creation.

Against the backdrop of the climate and nature crises, this care has sharp focus.  Something more than gentle nurture is needed, as we seek to minimise further damage created by the expectations and lifestyles of western society.  We cannot continue to waste in the way that we do, to pollute the atmosphere, to destroy the homes of our fellow creatures, or to use energy in ways that are catastrophically warming the planet.  We need to take these things as seriously as we do any other commitments we make as part of our faith.  To be Christian is to consider the needs of others – other people in parts of the world most affected by climate change, and wider ‘others’ in God’s wider Creation.

While the hope is that these things are considered in worship and preaching throughout the year, the encouragement in Creationtide is to give particular attention and focus to the themes.  Liturgical resources relating to God’s Creation can be found here  and worship resources with a particular focus on Creationtide here.

The doxecology songs will be appreciated by those churches who prefer contemporary band led worship.  This from Operation Noah reminds us of some classic creation themed hymns  This list from Green Christian includes a variety of hymns.

Preaching resources include Preaching for God’s World, Greening the Lectionary both of which give creation themed sermon suggestions based on the lectionary, and Eco Church offers a resource list for preaching on the theme.  Resources for Children’s ministry is here: Season of Creation session final.

Creationtide has been growing in popularity as increasing numbers of our churches prioritise Creation care as a part of Christian discipleship.  Do give it a go if this is new for you, and we hope that the resources above will be helpful for fresh ideas for those who have this established as a regular part of your worship pattern.

More resources can be found on our Eco Church in an hour hub.

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