Children’s book offers fresh approach to combining faith and science

Published: Tuesday June 6, 2023

God's Cosmic Cookbook by Liz ColeLiz Cole, a member of the worshipping community in Woodchester, has written a book which aims to break the taboos around science and faith in a fun and engaging way.

The book, God’s Cosmic Cookbook (published by Hodder Faith on 8 June 2023), has been seven years in the planning and writing.

Liz says, “I had noticed there was a real divide between what children learn and understand about God and what they are taught about science, and there was a huge gap in resources that combined the two in a way that was engaging to a younger audience.”

It was through her initial research that Liz was put in touch with The Faraday Institute for Science and Religion, in Cambridge.

Liz, who owns and manages a scientific instrument company with her husband, Alun, says, “It turned out that the enthusiastic children’s group at Faraday shared my passion for filling the gap in child-friendly resources combining science and faith and happened to have secured funding to address the issue. It was amazing timing. Faraday was already working with other authors, but God’s Cosmic Cookbook still benefitted hugely from their momentum and technical support.”

A friend of a friend then brought Liz to the attention of publisher Hodder Faith, who also happened to have just started an initiative to include a series of children’s books.

“It all seemed to come together and after a painstaking process, involving extensive input from Faraday and their scientific and theological contacts across Cambridge, ensuring that the content was as accurate and up to date as possible, we have arrived at the final book. The fantastic illustrator, Patrick Laurent, was introduced to me by Hodder and is just great. It turns out we have a very similar sense of humour so while I provided the words, he was able to interpret them brilliantly.”

Liz’s aim throughout the process was to ensure the book stayed true to her original concept of sharing the scientific story of creation in a way that children can understand and enjoy. It’s written in the form of a multi-step recipe, narrated by God … a kind of handy guide to making your very own universe.

Liz says, “It was tempting at times for the scientists to make it too technical. Many of the experts kind enough to input to the manuscript were keen to add more about their particular area, but we were strict and I think we’ve kept the messages clear and simple. This way, the book not only reaches children but also a wider audience of Christians and atheists alike who may not have considered faith in this context before.”

Liz, a grandmother of 11, adds, “Speaking with my own grandchildren of all ages, and as a Christian and a scientist myself, I would like them to feel confident in understanding how science and God are perfectly compatible. Studying them both gives us a much fuller understanding of just how awesome our God is. It is my hope that this book will be used by churches, schools and families to help them explore this miraculous world in which we live for themselves.”

God’s Cosmic Cookbook is being published on 8 June 2023. It can be purchased from most of the major online booksellers.


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