Carrie’s personal commitment to climate care

Published: Tuesday September 12, 2023

Little things that make a big difference. Words over a close up image of a bee on a flower.Taking action on climate change can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, but Carrie Thould from St George’s Church in Cam has been thinking about some of the actions that she personally can take to lessen her impact on the planet.

Carrie and her friend, Lynne, recorded a video considering Lent one year, thinking about how ordinary people might be able to tackle an Eco Challenge set by the church’s Eco team.

Carrie said, “It’s just such a big problem. I know the climate is changing due to people not looking after the planet well enough. I’ve seen the scientific evidence that the world is warming up, glaciers melting, sea levels rising, we’re losing habitats, animals and plant species, the seas are filling up with microplastics, we’re affected by drought, fires and floods. But what difference can I make, just one person?”

Lynne talked with Carrie about changing the world by making lots of small changes, like setting a timer for the shower to cut down on hot water usage, drying washing outside and using a one-cup hot water dispenser instead of a kettle. Carrie committed to shopping from a local farm shop, using reusable cups, going vegetarian for Lent and saying a daily prayer for the care of the environment.

She told Bishop Robert about how her challenge went and what she has been able to continue.

If Carrie has inspired you to make some changes to your lifestyle, find out more at Eco Church in An Hour.


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