Bird boxes grant takes off

Published: Tuesday May 16, 2023

Earlier this year, worshipping communities were invited to register interest in receiving bird boxes to install in their churchyards or wider community space as part of a block funding application. The application was successful and organiser, Bill Richardson, provides an update.

In January, Bill offered to put in a funding application to the Sylvanus Lysons Fund for a grant to purchase a number of bird boxes which worshipping communities across the Diocese of Gloucester could install in churchyards or in wider community spaces.

Bill, who is Fund Manager for Pershore-based community/environmental charity Welcome to our Future, says, “We are delighted to have received a £4,000 grant from Sylvanus Lysons and so can now place orders with RSPB for the various nest boxes.

“Twenty-four churches in the Diocese of Gloucester have agreed to take part in the bird box project and around 140 nest boxes will be ordered, with each church getting an average of 6 nest boxes each. The timing for these boxes is ideal as it means churches will be able to put up the nest boxes over the summer months, giving birds long enough time to notice the possible nesting site before next year’s nesting season.”

Installing bird boxes falls under the ‘Land’ or the ‘Community and global’ categories of the Eco Church Award scheme, depending on where they are put up.

The Gloucestershire project has been run by the charity which has been providing bird nesting boxes and feeding tables for churches, hospices, care homes, primary schools and other organisations in many parts of the country for the last five years. Funding of over £200k has been obtained from many different charitable trusts.

Bill says, “Bird numbers have declined dramatically over recent years and it is hoped that this project will help reverse this trend by providing safe nesting sites for several bird species.”

To find out more about the work of Welcome to our Future, visit their website:

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