TIC+ reveals online impact dashboard

Published: Monday April 25, 2022
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Claire Power-Browne (Photo by Marksteen Adamson).

TIC+, the Gloucestershire-based mental health support charity for children and young people has unveiled an online impact dashboard, allowing people to see the impact of the charity’s work.

The dashboard is refreshed monthly with the latest statistics on how young people are being helped.

Some of the funding for this service, which is having an impact on the lives of so many young people, comes from the Diocesan LIFE Development Fund.

The Live Impact Dashboard presents the impact of the charity in a transparent way that is not only a valuable snapshot of the picture in the county but also allows others to decide whether they think the charity is successful and succeeding in having a positive impact on young people’s lives.

The dashboard gives up to date figures and information on TIC+ services for a rolling 24-month period and shows the impact the services are having on the lives of children and young people in Gloucestershire. Users can access an overview of the charity’s impact as well as anonymised data about the young people TIC+ support, the issues they are facing and the geographic and demographic breakdown of clients throughout Gloucestershire. Data will be refreshed on a monthly basis.

In 2018, the charity was awarded funding from the Diocesan LIFE Development Fund, to deliver a family counselling service.

With the pandemic and lockdown, this service was difficult to deliver, so the funds were used to continue supporting its core activities where demand was rising significantly. In June 2021, the LIFE Development Fund provided further funding to provide training to more counsellors, in order to support more young people.

Claire Power-Browne, Director of Operations at TIC+ said: “We are delighted and proud to announce the launch of our TIC+ Live Impact Dashboard which will sit on our website and be freely accessible to anyone who wants to view it.

“As a local mental health charity working across Gloucestershire, we feel it is vital that there is a real understanding of the facts behind the headlines. We want more people to know about the issues facing children and young people in our County. We know this is going to become more important in the coming months and we think it’s vital that other mental health professionals, commissioners of services and funders have access to clear accessible and transparent data to help inform their decisions.

“The dashboard is transparently clear in both successes and challenges, and backed up by evidence-based data, we believe this dashboard is a real ‘game changer’ in promoting wider understanding, informing development and commissioning, and sharing learning.

“I am extremely proud of the small team, including some of our youngest staff members, who have worked tirelessly and with dedication, to learn the new skills needed to develop the dashboard and bring it to life.”

Find out more about the Life Development Fund and how you could apply for funding here —>

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