‘The Last Supper’ as you’ve never seen it before

Published: Monday July 25, 2022

The Last Supper sculptureIf you appreciate modern art then you won’t want to miss seeing ‘The Last Supper’ at Holy Trinity Minchinhampton – the latest church to host Peter Barnes’ unique sculpture created using over 50,000 keyboard keys.

‘The Last Supper’ sculpture was inspired by the famous painting of the same name by Leonardo da Vinci. And just as the Bible and the original painting connected with people using the latest modes of communication, this sculpture is made with recycled computer keyboards to create the mosaic effect. To add further interest, the letters spell out quotes from the Bible for viewers to discover.

Sculptor Peter Barnes said, “My aim was to recreate Leonardo da Vinci’s painting as an abstract, three-dimensional form; I wanted to keep the detail to a minimum while retaining all the expression and interaction of the characters.”

With Bible quotes threaded throughout the sculpture, Peter says that it took over 50,000 keyboard keys to complete the work. “I wanted this sculpture to be finished with a mosaic but not in a conventional way. I realised that a computer keyboard is made up of squares which could be used as tiles. This led me to thinking of the possibilities; the letters, numbers and symbols could be utilised to create further interest and meaning.”

The Revd Howard Gilbert, Rector of the parish church in Minchinhampton, said, “I love modern art because it makes you think in new ways and often about the important things in life. It can help us embrace fresh ideas and reflect on our world and our lives differently.”

‘The Last Supper’ was was completed in December 2019 and has been on a ‘pilgrimage’ around the country, starting at Chester Cathedral in March 2020.

The Last Supper can be viewed at Holy Trinity, Minchinhampton, between 9.30am and 5pm Monday–Saturday, and from noon until 5pm on Sundays. It will be on display throughout the autumn, but please do check with the church if you plan on making a special trip.

For more information about the sculpture’s locations, visit Peter Barnes Sculpture on Facebook.

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