OneDiocese blog: God drew me back to Godself

Published: Friday May 6, 2022

Sandra MillarCanon Sandra Millar, Interim Director Mission and Ministry for the Diocese of Gloucester blogs on her life and her faith journey in our #OneDiocese blog

It’s very exciting to be working again with the Diocese of Gloucester. Some people will remember me, some people know of me, but to many I will be new.

My journey of faith goes all the way back to being baptised as a baby, back in the day when that it was good working-class parents did with their child. But I know that people prayed that day, and faithfully for years ahead, and God was at work, even though my family was non-church attending. I went to a C of E school, and that led me to a strange childhood hobby of reading the hymn book at night!  But also, to a practice of prayer – I clearly remember praying passionately about times of national tragedy and disaster.

My secondary school, a girls’ grammar in Rugby, had a very strong Christian Union, and through them and a holiday camp with Scripture Union, my faith became active, and was nurtured in Urban Saints [then Crusaders].  I was a leader in my late teens but once I got to university, things drifted as I entered my career in retail marketing. Later, God drew me back to Godself, and my faith has grown and stretched and focused over the years taking me through hard times and joyful times.

I worked in world missions with YWAM, training children and youth leaders here and overseas, did a PhD, and then explored call to ministry whilst worshipping at St. Alban’s Abbey, where I was ordained in 2000.  I came to Gloucester in 2007 as Adviser for work with children and families, and then in 2013 took up a role as Head of Life Events, working for the national Church of England.  Sadly, that role ended this year – so here I am!

There are two key scriptures in my life: “Thou art with me” from Psalm 23, and then John 3: 16…“For God so loved the world…”   One sustains me in my own life, the other inspires me to reach out and bear witness to the good news in every way we can.

I have lived in Barton, Gloucester since 2007, enjoy reading, TV, contemporary art and galleries, and lots of tea rooms and coffee shops across the county. I very much look forward to meeting people again, and am always open to invitations to help, to speak, to talk.

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  1. Sandra. Please can you ring me, Valerie Harris,
    I would value speaking to you about courses
    Available to resource ministry.
    O1242 231376

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