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Published: Tuesday March 29, 2022

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This helpful directory can be reached on the Contact clergy and churches page of the diocesan website.

Details of contact information for clergy can be found there, together with some churchwardens and PCC secretaries who have given permission for their details to be shared. In the future, we hope to include other roles such as people who hold the Bishop’s Permission to Officiate (PTO) and Readers.

It’s an easy way to find people, get in touch and encourage closer working between different worshipping communities across the Diocese of Gloucester.

If you haven’t yet given permission for your details to be shared and would like to make your details available in this way, you can update your record on our database. Enter your email address and if we have a record of it, you will receive an email with a link to update your contact information and privacy settings:

Private – your contact information is only accessible to the diocesan staff team.

Diocese – your contact information can be shared with others.

Public – your contact information can be included in the online directory.

Please note that we have only opted to share email addresses and telephone numbers in the directory and not postal addresses.

Any comments or updates to your contact information or your role can be notified to Helen Crawford via ku.gr1718244118o.coi1718244118dsolg1718244118@esuo1718244118hhcru1718244118hc1718244118


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