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Published: Monday June 27, 2022

a church near you logoThe team at A Church Near You has just released a couple of useful updates to help you get to know at a glance everything that’s happening in your church, and link up your worshipping community with resources to help them develop their faith.

Church Development Tool

What is your church great at? What support would your congregation like to grow in faith, share their faith and serve their local community? The Church Development Tool can help you find out – and then point you to simple, tried and tested resources that will help you act on what you discover.

You can run a short, anonymous survey with your worshipping community and get a simple report, giving a clear picture of the demographics, discipleship and evangelism in the church.

Find out more here –>

Everyday Faith Portal

In a few clicks add a page to your A Church Near You site, to show how you are supporting people to live out their faith in everyday life.  You can use the page content provided or customise it with your own content. If you are following an Everyday Faith portal journey together as a worshipping community the page allows you to highlight this.

Everyday Faith portal–>

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