New Climate Vigil Songs album

Published: Thursday June 9, 2022

Climate Vigil Songs - Album by The Porter's Gate | SpotifyChurches who sing contemporary songs may be interested in exploring the new songs on the Climate Vigil Songs album, written with a faith response to the climate and nature crises in mind.

It is great to see the new energy around worship with an all creation perspective, with these new songs joining those released two years ago in Resound Worship’s Doxecology project. All these songs help us ensure that our practical action through the Eco Church award is fully expressed in our worship.

Click here for the Climate Vigil playlist on YouTube

Climate Vigil songs can also be accessed on Spotify by those with a Spotify account.

The Climate Vigil sheet music has been made open access so that the songs can easily be sung in church.

This is what they are saying in their publicity:

The Climate Vigil Songs album has been fully funded, produced and makes its world debut today, wherever you get your music.

Who’s on this album, you ask? Only Fernando Ortega, Josh Garrels, Matt Maher, Sara Groves, Wendell Kimbrough, Jon Guerra … to name a few!

It’s always been our hope that this album will not only be listened to but sung in churches around the world. That’s why we’re making the sheet music totally free and available to anyone that wants it!

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