Letting the wildflowers bloom

Published: Tuesday November 15, 2022

A lady in a coral top stands outside in a churchyardSue Padfield, Churchwarden at St Mary’s, Witcombe showed Bishop Robert how the church team has been caring for the churchyard in a way that encourages nature.

They leave two large areas of the churchyard unmown and have sown it with yellow rattle, which keeps the grass down and allows the wildflowers to bloom.

Sue shares how the people coming to visit graves enjoy seeing the nature around them.

Bishop Robert thanked the team, saying that the care for the garden, “Comes from a place, not of despair, but a place of hope and of confidence in our responsibility under God [to be good stewards of our planet].”

If you are interested in applying for a grant to deliver an environmental project in your churchyard, take a look at the link below.

Grant aid for parish churches to have wildlife gardens

And register now for #EcoChurchInAnHour to help make your church greener.

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