Joel’s story: Coping with climate crisis overwhelm

Published: Tuesday September 6, 2022

Joel Callow, a man with dark hair, wearing a jumper with a casual shirt open at the neck.In the next in our #EcoChurchInAnHour series, Joel Callow, a member of the worshipping community at Trinity Cheltenham shares how he combats feelings of being overwhelmed by the scale of the climate crisis.

Joel is an engineering consultant whose day job involves advising people on removing carbon emissions from complicated buildings.

Joel said, “You wouldn’t be mistaken if you were worried by the climate change and climate crisis stories that you’re hearing. It is urgent – it’s a real crisis. We’re very concerned about the nature of the future that we’re currently leaving behind, and so we need to urgently take action, particularly about our carbon emissions but also other ways as well.

“If you’re daunted by the scale of the crisis, that’s a very reasonable reaction. I feel that regularly.

“The answer is our hope is that as we take our small steps individually, we’re also looking to God and seeing how he is taking action to care for his creation. He will be! And working alongside us and through us as we take our small steps.

“Small steps for us. but God is doing big things around us.”

Joel’s Christian faith is a strong motivator for his work for the environment. He said, “I believe in a creator God who lovingly made a beautiful creation for us to enjoy and has now handed it over to us as stewards to look after. It’s our job to make sure we look after it well and hand it on well.”

Watch his conversation with Bishop Robert below. If Joel’s story has inspired you to take action, why not pledge an hour a week towards making your church greener? The first step is to register for Eco Church. Find out more at #EcoChurchInAnHour.

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