Hearts of Prayer: Ukraine

Published: Tuesday March 15, 2022

A yellow and blue heart with the words Praying for peace

So many words come to mind as we watch and hear events unfold in Ukraine and indeed in Russia.

Knowing what and how to pray, in such a traumatic time can be difficult, especially as households or communities across generations.

These Hearts of Prayer resources have a focus on the needs of people caught up in war. They can be used as a reminder to ‘pray without ceasing’ and to provide some words which might help us to focus our prayers.

It might also help to commit to a specific time to pray. We don’t want our children to arrive at school or go to sleep with hard thoughts in their minds, so find a moment when it’s appropriate and you have time to respond to their feelings and questions. It might be that when they come to you with questions is exactly the moment to pray.

We all have pain in our hearts and distress in our minds about this conflict, perhaps prayer will help us find brave in our hearts and purpose in our minds so we can be our best selves as we discover how to support people in such need.

Hearts of Prayer for Ukraine




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