Eco Church In An Hour: A ‘tweet’ for the birds

Published: Friday May 6, 2022

Caring for wildlife is an integral part of #EcoChurchInAnHour

Jon shows Bishop Robert the bird boxes that the church in Daglingworth has put up around the churchyard.

They have made various sizes and types of bird box, some with open fronts, for birds like robins and some with round holes to attract either blue tits and coal tits or tree sparrows and great tits.

Jon said, “We’ve put up five boxes in the churchyard as part of Eco Church and the boxes are designed for different birds. This is an open-fronted box, hidden away, quite low down, this is hoping we might get a robin or another small bird that likes an open front rather than going through a hole.

“It’s undoubtedly [good for biodiversity] and for everyone’s enjoyment as well, as who doesn’t like seeing small birds flitting around the place?”

He explains that they aren’t very hard to build. “You need six-inch planks and you saw them to different lengths, a bag of nails and a bit of pond liner from building a garden pond… and a saw and a bit of guesswork.”

Once the boxes are up, you just have to wait for the birds to arrive. Jon said, “You don’t have to do anything to encourage them. You don’t have to put any food in. It’s up to the individual bird – they will come along and inspect them!”

If you’d like to install some bird boxes for your #EcoChurchInAnHour, check out our #GrantsforGardens scheme. Your church can get a grant of up to £250 for local environmental projects such as bird and bat boxes, insect hotels and hedgehog houses.


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