Eco projects at care home help residents connect with faith

Published: Friday November 18, 2022

Bishop Robert visited Badgeworth Court in Cheltenham to find out more about the environmental projects they use to benefit both their care home and their residents.

Joana Matias, Activities Coordinator, spoke about how they hold art sessions with the residents using recycled materials to create greetings cards to share in the community. They also run horticulture sessions helping the residents to grow plants, vegetables and flowers.

Bishop Robert said, “There is a delight in growing and then consuming what’s been grown.”

He asked talked to Rachel Cottell, the Care Homes Liaison for the Greenway Benefice, about her work supporting Badgeworth Court as a volunteer.

“Many of our people who live here have had busy lives outside, they’ve been part of the community, part of their church groups. Our role now is to nurture them, to keep them as part of that faith, and to support them. Many people sit quietly during a church service, but when it comes to the Lord’s Prayer … you know that that faith is so deeply embedded inside … it’s our job not only to care for the physical person but to care for the spiritual person as well. That [faith] doesn’t go away, however far along your dementia or elderly journey you are.”

Bishop Robert quoted the LIFE Together verse of scripture from John 10:10, where Jesus says, “I have come that they many have life, and have it to the full.”

“That’s what I’ve seen here. It reminds us that life is for us all, no matter what age we are at or challenges we face.”

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