Eco Church in an Hour: getting started is easy!

Published: Tuesday March 15, 2022

Edgeworth Church with snowdropsEco Church in an Hour is a new campaign that helps your church go ‘green’.

Developed by the Diocese of Gloucester in partnership with A Rocha, we’re asking all churches to pledge one hour a week to the environment.

In a crisis, everyone needs to pull together – climate change is no exception.  As Christians, we have responsibilities as we live alongside all God’s creation.  This is something that affects both people and the planet, the world’s poorest and all that God has made.   We all need to act.

The crisis we are in can feel overwhelming. We might be wondering where we start, how we can help, what difference we can make? We all can make a difference, and it’s often taking the small steps, that add up to create the big change.

So that is why we are asking you to be part of #EcoChurchInAnHour.

Pledge one hour a week to make your church greener.

    1. Go online to the Eco Church website
    2. Add your church to the Eco Church Community
    3. Take the Eco Church survey

Eco Church in an hour logoThe survey will help you think through steps you can take to become an Eco Church, from simple things like using hymns and songs that celebrate God’s creation to creating a wildlife area in the churchyard.  You never know, you might qualify for an award already, becoming an Eco Church in an hour.


We are calling on all worshipping communities, to be the change, and take part in our #EcoChurchInAnHour campaign. We’ll be sharing simple, achievable steps that other people have taken to help them get an award.

For more information visit

Share your small steps using #EcoChurchinAnHour

Roger from Edgeworth found on registration for Eco Church his church had already achieved a bronze award. “It’s not as complicated as I thought it was going to be!”



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