Eco Church In An Hour: Heating and The Energy Footprint Tool (EFT)

Published: Monday April 11, 2022

Stephen Brady and Bishop Robert chatting in a churchStephen Brady, Daglingworth Churchwarden, talks about the impact of the old oil-fired boiler on their church building and what their options are for making the system greener.

Some of the plans they are considering are; pew heating to warm the person rather than the building, areas of panel heaters, or an air source heat pump.

These may all be options for moving forward in both comfort and good conscience.

Watch the conversation below.



Diocesan Environmental Engagement Officer, Cate Williams said, “Reducing our consumption of carbon, in the form of fossil fuels, is essential to addressing the climate emergency.  Burning carbon-based fuels produces CO2 which is one of the main gases contributing to climate change.  As Christians, there is a clear response needed as we care for God’s world: to reduce our use of fossil fuels.

“The Church of England has produced a carbon footprint tool specific for church buildings called the Energy Footprint Tool (EFT).  We are encouraging all churches to complete the EFT annually in order to keep track of their carbon use, and how they are doing in efforts to use less.

“Carbon reduction mostly connects with EcoChurch under the heading of ‘Buildings’, at least as we work together as a whole.  There is also an encouragement to church members to think about their own household carbon footprint as we look at ‘Lifestyle.’

“Completing the EFT allows a church to answer yes to Q2 under the ‘Buildings’ section: ‘We have measured our energy use and calculated the carbon footprint of our church premises.’  It also serves to mark the change over the years as carbon reductions are made, following suggestions in the other survey questions in the ‘Buildings’ section.

“As a Diocese, we are committed to both a 2030 carbon net-zero target and EcoChurch.  They complement one another, with the first target being essential as we tackle the climate emergency, and EcoChurch offering more breadth as we consider other aspects of our relationship with God’s creation.”

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