Eco Church in an Hour: Flower power

Published: Friday April 8, 2022

A lady with blonde hair, glasses and a yellow scarf smiles at a spot to the left of the camera

Julia Sharpe is our #EcoChurchInAnHour star of the week.

Former florist Julia organises the flower rota at Daglingworth Church and she shares how flowers are powering her move to a greener church.

As a PCC, we have decided to use British seasonal flowers wherever we can.

She explains in this video that the flowers that we pick up cheaply in our local supermarket are usually imported from Africa and Kenya and therefore are high in air miles.

Her preference instead is that people raid their own gardens for foliage and use locally grown flowers, such as catkins, narcissi and primroses to bring colour and interest to the church.


Watch the video below

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