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Published: Tuesday March 15, 2022

Judy Abbott is our #EcoChurchInAnHour star of the week.

She is Minutes Secretary, Safeguarding Officer and Pastoral Assistant at Daglingworth Church and she shares her small step to a greener church.

“We’ve cut down on printing. We only print things that are really necessary and print on both sides of the paper, with small margins. We use so little paper now that I haven’t bought any since before the start of the pandemic.

“We used to print documents and take them to PCC meetings. Now we email them in advance, so people read them at home and just refer to them on their phones as needed during the meeting.

“We email the order of service for each week to our congregations as an attachment and they view it on their phone. We do print a few off for those that don’t use the internet at all, but most people are very tech savvy.

“Anything we can do to make God’s world last longer must be good.”

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