Delivering light and hope to residents in Cranham

Published: Monday December 12, 2022

Delivering Christingles in CranhamThe snow this weekend meant many worshipping communities couldn’t meet in the usual way. In Cranham, St James The Great Church‘s Christingle service was one of many affected. However, undeterred the team decided to take Christingle out into the community.

The Revd Helen Sammon says, “On Sunday, in the village of Cranham there was nearly a foot of snow and the roads were impassable. Sadly, we had to make the decision to cancel the Christingle service scheduled for the afternoon. But we had 60 lovingly made Christingles ready in church. So a small group of us decided to put on our boots and warm clothes, and set off around the village to deliver them to people at home.

“We prioritised going to those who live alone and to families with young children, but we stopped at other houses too and even gave them to surprised groups of walkers who we passed on our way. We had prepared a simple prayer card to deliver with each.

“Without exception, people were delighted, with some adults saying: ‘I remember these from when I was young’. In all cases it was an opportunity for a chat, and some introductions to people we had never met. There was a sense of joy in each encounter.

“What had started as a difficult decision to cancel our service became an opportunity to take the light and hope of Christmas to people’s homes.”

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